Superieur nitrile gloves

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Comfortable, powder-free nitrile examination gloves, designed for both medical and food use. The gloves are ambidextrous and tested for use with chemotherapy drugs. Manufactured in Vietnam by Ever Global (Vietnam) Corporation, the sole distributer of the Simply Superieur brand.

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100% latex free-made from durable,puncture-resistant, protein and powder-free nitrile, eliminates the Type I allergic reaction associated with natural rubber latex Highly elastic and super soft Rolled rim to facilitate easy donning Designed to give a natural rubber-like feel Textured in fingertips for enhanced grip in all situations Food safe, suitable for handling fatty foods, olive and cod liver oil (Special Product) Textured in fingertips for enhanced grip in all situations Protects against a wide variety of chemicals.

Quality Standards US FDA (510k) ASTM D6319 ASTM D6978 (Chemotherapy) ISO 13485:2016 ISO 9001-2015 EN ISO 374-1:2016, EN ISO 374-2:2014, EN ISO 374-4:2013, EN ISO 374-5:2016 EN420:2003+A1:2009 AQL 1.5

Technical Information Product type: Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves,Powder Free, Non-sterile Usage: For Medical Use/ For Food Contact Use/ For General Use Main material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Synthetic Rubber Latex Colour: White / Black / Blue Storage conditions: Shading, moisture, heat and ozone environment Design and Feature: Ambidextrous, Straight Fingers,Fing Finger-Textured, Beaded Cuff, Colour Size: full length: XS, S, M, L and XL 240mm (≥230mm American Standard) Shelf life: up to 5 years